• Monday Musings – May 6, 2013

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    Focus Point For The Week

    Too often, someone’s “Plan A” should really be their “Plan B.”  We are often confused about what should be our primary plan and and what should be a back up plan. The reason for this is because we are often in reactive mode – we focus on being reactive to some external force, stimuli, or person – instead of charting our course and being proactive. For example, some of the companies I work start be asking if I can help them craft a crisis response plan. My response often is “yes, but we need to talk about your risk mitigation and risk management strategy first.” I think it is important to have a crisis response plan even if it is only a temporary one until you can build a more robust plan, but that doesn’t replace the need to shift from being reactive to proactive by addressing the mitigation and management issues. I think shifting from being reactive to proactive carries beyond risk.

    Monday Morning Perspective

    I like to encourage people to realize any action is a good action if it is proactive and there is a positive intent behind it.

    – Michael J. Fox