• About Asymmetric Insights

    I have been asked a number of times how the name was chosen and why. I chose the name Asymmetric Insights because it matched my perception of the world and even somewhat my philosophy.

    As much as we may want the world to be fair and equal, it isn’t so. The natural world of plants and animals as much as the world we live in and the markets we operate in have always been seemingly unbalanced. One side has always had a significant advantage over the other.

    Think the king and the peasant, the hawk and the mouse, the empire and the colonies, the casino and the gambler, the corporation and the consumer.

    On the surface this imbalance might seem unfair, though this perceived lack of balance is that way actually because it only a single snapshot in time. As anyone who has been on a slackline will tell you, balance is really a large set of small complex movements to compensate for constant change.

    Within any ecosystem, market, or other system, this imbalance serves as a catalyst for change and a driver of innovation in these seemingly small movements.

    It is because of this lack of balance and symmetry that the “weaker opponent” pursues an unconventional and innovative path of change that will at least bring it on par with or advance it past its foe.

    In the natural world it can be an evolutionary change or adaptation like the evolution of the bright coloring of the toxic Monarch caterpillar.

    In the human world of people, businesses, and markets these changes are often new technologies, new business models, new models of governance.

    The possibilities are as limitless as the forces aligned against it.

    The role Asymmetric Insights plays is to provide a lens through research and proprietary methodologies into observing and understanding the nature and components of the unbalanced relationship.

    No matter which side you find yourself on, you will have the necessary understanding and insights to take advantage of the complexity and the coming change.