• Alan update – Joining Altimeter Group!

    by  • January 26, 2010 • Admin

    Today I am off on a new adventure with the Altimeter Group as the new Partner focused on government and public sector. I am really excited to join my former colleagues and friends Charlene, Ray, and Jeremiah and make some new friends in Deb and Lora in this amazing journey. As we have been working together over the past month, I have found that the amount of knowledge, experience and passion this group brings to emerging and disruptive technologies is just incredible. My thanks to all of them for inviting me along on this incredible journey.

    For those of you who know me, you know that I believe that improving the efficiency effectiveness of how government operates and improving how government engages with citizens is critical. From my first work and experience in government up back in the late 1980’s through my continued work at Department of the Interior and other places, I have always felt that if we focus on the end user – whether it is the government employee or the citizen – we could really do a lot to improve the results of government.

    The world is changing. Whether it is in the technology, the people, or the organizations, disruptions are forcing government to evolve. New disruptive technologies emerge every day that are changing how we interact and relate – person to person, business to person, and government to person.  People need to interact with for new reasons and with new problems that need to be solved. Government as an organization is being forced to evolve by internal and external forces.   This is where I will start and focus first – at the intersection of these three areas for government and how shifts in technology can provide some solutions.

    Government, though my initial focus area, will not be the only area that I will be looking at. I will also be going back to my roots in this adventure and taking a look at the impact of clean tech on how organizations.  Making our organizations sustainable is more then just green IT, good CSR reports, and improving energy efficiency.  It is really a significant shift in how we think about our processes and our organizations and then using emerging technologies to make it more sustainable.

    I will also be striving to better develop the application of design thinking in the areas of government, sustainability, and others, and will continue to focus primarily on the end user.  More on later as I think through and develop these area.

    I will also be working through a new version of the Web site, new branding and adding more content (yes, posting more for all of you that have been asking!) over the next couple of months. In the mean time, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at alan at altimetergroup dot com. Looking forward to the adventure!